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A spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1052 was posted on Reddit and Twitter, revealing Izo’s death

If you like Izo One Piece want to know what happen in the next chapter, you’re on the right page. This blog is about the leaked spoilers for “One Piece Chapter 1052. So make sure you read it carefully from beginning to end so you don’t miss anything. So, let’s get right to the spoilers for OPC 1052 that leaked and making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter. Since everything is going well in Wano Country. Luffy’s latest accomplishment is getting a lot of attention. It’s possible that what happened in the last manga was just a calm before the storm. Those who have the last chapter of the manga series “One Piece Chapter 1051. Know that it is about the party after the war, Luffy’s answer to Yamato’s request, and Maihara’s goodbye to Momonosuke. Follow our website Stoptechy for the latest news!!!!!

The end of One Piece Chapter 1052 was given away.

As the note from the last chapter that got out says, Luffy hurt more in the last and final battle. After reading the note at the end of the last chapter of OP 1052, fans have waiting to read the next chapter. They were curious about Luffy and what would happen next in the next chapter. The next chapter of the manga series will come out on Sunday, 2022, according to reports. Fans can get spoiled information about the next chapters of the series a week before they come out. The leaked spoilers will be available on Thursday and Friday of the same week that the raw scans will be.

One Piece Chapter 1052: When It Comes Out and When

Fans not only get raw scans, but also a full summary of the next chapter of OP. We all know that the comic will come out at different places and times around the world so that people can read it when it’s convenient for them. Some fans thought that Kaido might be attacked again in the next chapter, but instead, the character Luffy comes up to be in a problem or danger and even more badly hurt than before. As was already said, the editor’s note got out on Reddit and Twitter.

One Piece Chapter 1052: Summary, Sneak Peek, and Trailer

When people looked at Gear 5 from the front, it could make Luffy’s heart beat very fast. So the samurai with the gun was the captain, and he was from the Kingdom of Wano. He was in charge of the 16th decision on Whitebeard Pirates and did what he had to do. He is also the one who will take over the Willow School of Ringo. Readers will have to wait until the next chapter comes out to find out more. Stay tuned to Thegossipwrold until then to find out more and read our other articles.



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