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A new company PMV Electric in India is making an electric car that will cost Rs 4 lakh and could go on sale in July.


  • A Mumbai-based company called PMV Electric is making an affordable electric quadricycle.
  • The PMV EaS-E is a small city car with room for two people.
  • The car is said to be in the last stage of prototyping, and its range is said to be 160 km.

A company called PMV Electric, which is based in Mumbai, is making a two-seater electric quadricycle. That will have a great price and make EVs more accessible to more people. The EaS-E electric quadricycle from PMV Electric is said a range of 160km and a top speed of 70kmph. The company says that the car can charged in about 4 hours. The car’s founder, Kalpit Patel, wants to sell it for Rs 4 lakh and plans to do so in July.

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But PMV Electric hasn’t much about how the EaS-E electric quadricycle will be approved and tested. Instead, they’ve said that the vehicle is in the final prototyping stage right now.

India has electric cars that are cheap.

A company in Mumbai called PMV Electric is making an electric four-wheeler called the EaS-E that can fit two people. The company says that the vehicle is in its final stages of prototyping and that it plans to launch in July. But it will take a while for the car to get the point where it can made.

The EaS-E is an electric vehicle whose name has different meanings, including. Easy transportation powered by batteries and motors” and “Eco-friendly and Sustainable Electric vehicle.” The EaS-E electric quadricycle is a small quadricycle that is designed to be cheap and save money. The company’s founder, Kalpit Patel, wants to sell the car for just Rs. 4 lakh.

The PMV EaS-E will have a powertrain that is based on a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. The car says it can go up to 70 km/h and has a range of 160 km. The company also says that it takes about 4 hours to charge. The vehicle, which is a quadricycle, is 2915 mm long, has a 2080 mm wheelbase, is 1600 mm tall, and is 1157 mm wide. The EaS-E is also 170 mm above the ground. In a strange twist, the two passengers are sitting back-to-back, like on a motorcycle, instead of side-by-side like in most cars.

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The EaS-E will have a front-wheel-drive system and a high-tensile tubular space frame. The front of the car will have disc brakes, while the back will have drum brakes. Regenerative braking will also be part of the braking system. All the DRLs, Cruise Control, Steering Mounted Controls, LCD Digital Instrument Cluster, Air Conditioning, Remote Keyless Entry, Power Windows, Electronically Controlled Mirrors, AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB, Rear View Camera, etc. are all on the list of features.

The Bajaj Qute quadricycle, which uses an ICE and costs about Rs 2.6 lakhs, is the closest competitor to the PMV EaS-E (ex-showroom).



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