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A Asian Doll Fighting Video Went Viral On Social Media

Asian Doll Fighting Vide appears to be in a tizzy right now after a video of her went viral and received harsh comments from online users. According to sources, a lady stole Asian’s diamond chain while she was at a pool party and subsequently engaging with her followers. Witnesses began to record the incident after they saw a woman and an Asian doll battling. Following the viral success of this video, many people mocked Asian for batting the woman out.

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Asian and the women who tried to take the necklace also provided their accounts of what happened. It appears that the rapper is not on their side. Let’s discuss about what really happened with Asian Doll.

As the video became in popularity, many people mocked Asian for harming and abusing the woman. In a statement, the woman also admitted to relapsing, confessing that she just attempting to touch the artist while imagining herself doing so. The Asian doll claimed that the lady tried to steal her diamond necklace, and in the video, the Asian can seen beating the woman as she approaches them. Many people supported the rapper, but many more supported the woman seeking to snap a photo with Asians.

While there are two sides to this story, most people believe the woman did not try to catch the chain.

Why Did Asian Doll Occur?

While the two arguing, a security guard interfered, and the women separated as a result. After that, Asian was led to the waiting car. After she claimed online that all he was doing was trying to take a selfie. Asian mocked her by calling her a phoney Dior woman. The woman dressed in Dior.

Asian insulted the woman in her tweets by using expletives and joking. She trying to remove the diamond chain she was wearing at the time. After widely shared, the video immediately acquired fame online.

Asian Doll Fighting Video

As the video grew in popularity, several people tweeted about it. Many more mocked the woman and Asian on Twitter. Watch video

Someone attempting to take the Asian Doll’s necklace, according to one of the Instagram users who shared the video. One Twitter user responded to the woman’s message from Asians by noting that it’s alright to laugh at them and move on sometimes. Another person commented that the party appeared odd and that the chain not stolen. Some of them suggested that the woman correct and that Asian only attempting to draw the attention of online users. It is unclear who is correct in this case.



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