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5G download network reach 500Mbps speed Ookla


  • On test networks, 5G download rates in India have reached 500Mbps.
  • Jio outperformed Airtel, with a speed of 598.58Mbps vs 197.98Mbps in Delhi.
  • When the network is generally deployed, 5G speeds in India may drop dramatically.

5G is now officially accessible in portions of India, with a complete deployment projected by 2024. Airtel and Jio are spreading their networks throughout the nation. Experts predict that 5G speeds in India will comparable to those of professional computers. Follow stoptechy for more info.

5G download network reach 500Mbps speed Ookla

According to the most recent statistics from prominent internet testing company Ookla. Jio is the fastest among Airtel and Jio, with a speed of 598.58Mbps compared to competitor Airtel’s 197.98Mbps in Delhi. However, we predict that once the network is generally accessible, the speeds would drop dramatically.

According to the report, telecom companies tested their networks. Before to the October 1st launch, and 5G speeds ranged from 16.27Mbps to 809.94Mbps. This indicates that telecom companies are recalibrating their networks.

India’s 5G data speeds

Ookla, a popular internet testing business, has released a new research on 5G data speeds in India. According to the data, Jio’s network speed in Delhi is 598.58Mbps, whereas Airtel’s is 197.98Mbps. Since June 2022, Ookla has measured 5G download speeds in four metros: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Varanasi. In prominent cities such as Mumbai, Airtel trailed Jio with download speeds of 271.07Mbps. While the latter had a higher speed of 515.38Mbps.

In Kolkata, however, the speeds of the two telecom networks differed the greatest. The median download speed for Airtel was 33.83Mbps, whereas Jio’s median download speed was 482.02 Mbps. “As these networks hit the commercial stage. We anticipate these speeds to become more consistent,” said Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Industry Analyst, Enterprise at Ookla.

5G download network reach 500Mbps speed

Jio and Airtel have reached closed margins in Varanasi. Airtel has a 5G download speed of 516.57Mbps and a download speed of 485.22Mbps from June 2022. “These new 5G findings demonstrate that 5G speeds are considerably superior to India’s current network,” Kechiche stated.

According to Ookla’s investigation, Jio’s 5G performance is dependent on the spectrum band it employs. The C-band (n=78) delivers download speeds ranging from 606.53Mbps to 875.26Mbps. While 5G networks use the lower 700MHz frequency range (n=28), download rates less than 100Mbps, ranging between 78.69Mbps and 95.13Mbps. According to Ookla, Airtel has achieved speeds ranging from 365.48Mbps to 716.85Mbps. While delivering 5G using just its C-band spectrum holding.

5G download network reach 500Mbps

According to Ookla, Jio’s network experienced the greatest rise in 5G-capable devices (67.4 percent). Followed by Airtel (61.6 percent), and Vodafone Idea (56%).



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